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RDM scientific   production enterprise

Ultrasonic flaw detectors

and non-destructive testing systems

Telephone: + (373 22) 57-98-17

RDM – The leading manufacturer at the CIS marketplace!

We are glad to welcome you on the official site of scientific-production enterprise “RDM”.

“RDM” is the leading manufacturer of ultrasonic flaw detectors for the railway network of the CIS countries. Each year our company produces more than 600 ultrasonic flaw detectors of various types in complete set with piezoelectric transducers.

Today more than 12000 ultrasonic flaw detectors of RDM series are used at the railway transport enterprises in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania and Bulgaria. More than 1800 000 piezoelectric transducers of various types have been produced.

We are ready to consider your request and promptly deliver from our stock any ultrasonic flaw detector that you’re interested in.

To obtain more detailed information about the terms and conditions of delivery, please contact RDM regional office or call directly the RDM marketing department.